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Kent Cummins Aug 22, 2019
70 Years of Magic!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a magician? Our speaker has been one for 70 years (He says he wasted the first six years of his life!). In this fascinating talk, "The Fantastic Kent Cummins" pulls back the curtain and shares some of his secrets. In addition to being a magician, Kent is a retired Army colonel, Certified Military Community Executive, Certified Juggling Instructor, prolific author, professional speaker, and his proudest title: "Grampa!" In fact, he now does magic shows with his granddaughter, "The Amazing Adele!"

Club Member Aug 29, 2019
Gordon Butler Sep 12, 2019
LT High School Principal

-This is my 18th year in education overall and my 4th as Principal of LTHS.

-I served in the United States Army for 3 years serving in The 3rd United States Infantry  "The Old Guard"

-Graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations

-Graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a Master of Science in Education Administration

-Pursuing a Doctorate in education from the University of Texas

-Married to my wife Kati for 13 years and we have two kids Hannah (9) and David (6)

When I'm not being a principal I love to play golf, watch college football (Hook 'Em) and read about politics. Once I retire I plan to go into politics.

Club Member Sep 19, 2019
Paul Radde, Ph.D. Sep 26, 2019
Thrival expert

Paul Radde, PhD. Recognized as an original thinker, thought leader, author and psychologist, Dr. Paul Radde is THE expert on how to Thrive – what he calls Thrival. This state of being is the highest approach to living (really living) your life. The goal is to go beyond survival to actually thrive in the workplace and in daily life. Thrival is the richest sustainable experience of your life.

Armed with new knowledge, skills and attitude (or Innertude™), readers and audience members can immediately achieve and sustain that feeling of success: Thrival. In short, they can thrive every day!  Dr. Radde offers tools to go beyond survival in the workplace and actually thrive – a vital attitude and skillset in today’s challenging economy.

Mardi Wareham Oct 10, 2019

"How to Unleash Your Inner Gorilla." It's about stepping out of your comfort zone, breaking the rules and taking action. 

As the sole proprietor and sole performer at Singing Telegrams of Austin, I have a gorilla costume hanging in my closet, a chicken costume, Kermit the Frog, Julia Child, Queen Elizabeth and several other characters. I have owned the company for the past 10 years. I'd like to share my journey with your members and motivate them to unleash their inner gorillas!

DG Jim Henry Oct 17, 2019
Official DG Visit
Matt Wolski Oct 24, 2019
Found Media Group

It is the continual chase of something greater than ourselves

that keeps us running. What are you chasing?


The Found team equips David’s to beat Goliath’s. Our full-service suite leverages ingenuity and agility to craft + position your brand, expand your digital presence and engage your audience. How? We blend freshness with experience, ability with whimsy, vision with innovation. There’s nothing one dimensional about Found’s approach because we are real people with diverse interests and talents. Together, we harness keen instincts and capability to captivate other dimensional people (i.e. your audience). We also have the hustle shuffle down.

Club Member Oct 31, 2019
Raffle Committee Nov 07, 2019
Raffle Meeting
Jill Raff Nov 14, 2019
Customer Service

Jill Raff, a leader in CX (customer experience) knows how to stop the ripple of poor customer service taking down your business. 

Led by her unique  7 ingredient customer experience transformation process, Jill and her team are driven by helping service-focused businesses identify their turnover issues and lost revenue and fixing them through the power of customer relationships – transforming transactions into interactions™.

Club Member Nov 21, 2019