Speaker Date Topic
DG Jim Henry Oct 17, 2019
Official DG Visit
Matt Wolski Oct 24, 2019
Found Media Group

It is the continual chase of something greater than ourselves

that keeps us running. What are you chasing?


The Found team equips David’s to beat Goliath’s. Our full-service suite leverages ingenuity and agility to craft + position your brand, expand your digital presence and engage your audience. How? We blend freshness with experience, ability with whimsy, vision with innovation. There’s nothing one dimensional about Found’s approach because we are real people with diverse interests and talents. Together, we harness keen instincts and capability to captivate other dimensional people (i.e. your audience). We also have the hustle shuffle down.

Club Member Oct 31, 2019
Raffle Committee Nov 07, 2019
Raffle Meeting
Jill Raff Nov 14, 2019
Customer Service

Jill Raff, a leader in CX (customer experience) knows how to stop the ripple of poor customer service taking down your business. 

Led by her unique  7 ingredient customer experience transformation process, Jill and her team are driven by helping service-focused businesses identify their turnover issues and lost revenue and fixing them through the power of customer relationships – transforming transactions into interactions™.

Club Member Nov 21, 2019