Jan 06, 2022
Amy Hagen
Education Connection

Amy Hagen is the Executive Director at Education Connection; with 27 years as a Social Worker, specifically 18 years in school settings.  Amy's current role is to grow, support and create a strategic vision for literacy volunteers via the mission of Education Connection “ ...every child reading by the end of 3rd grade”.  As a strong believer in the power of servant leadership and supporting students to succeed, Amy regularly draws upon her Social Work and relational skills to empower all stakeholders. Amy enjoys reading at three schools, volunteering at her Church and other non-profits in the Austin area; but mostly loves being with her family. 

Here is a little bit about Education Connection

In 2009, the church community asked city leaders what we could do to make a lasting impact in our city. The answer was simple: to support children’s literacy and decrease school dropout rates. Hence, Education Connection was created.  In the 2019-20 school year, more than 1,160 volunteers are currently serving at least 2,535 children in 11 school districts across Central Texas, by sitting with elementary children each week for 30 minutes to read one-on-one. With the program growing rapidly and with more children in need of extra support, there’s a place for you to make a difference in a child’s education and life.