Aug 7:  Pick up, deliver and begin construction of shelving units.  I'll have my truck and trailer and will let folks know exactly when/were we are picking up - I will need a couple of volunteers to help load up.  We will be delivering to the highs school around 11am on the 7th and will need volunteers stage there to unload and start putting them together.
So far I have me, Carol Saxenian, Buddy Watts, Melinda Osburn and Leslie Van der Ahe (who may bring some maintenance folks from Brookdale.).  We could use more volunteers from 10-3 that day. 
Aug 11:   Volunteers arrive at school at 10am to finish putting shelves together and get them set up in the right locations.   So far we have Morgan McMillian, Tammy Bower-Yorty and Ed Yorty, Brian Besch, Richard Reinap and Melinda Osburn.  We need a few more filtering in and out during the day.  You don't need to commit to all day, just an hour or two!  
Let me know which day you can participate - and don't worry, if neither of these work for you we will have more opportunities to volunteer soon. Volunteers, please come to the Northwest corner of the campus - off Spillman loop.  The door to the Cav Lounge is on the back side of the school.  Don't park in the giant parking lot and try to get in thru the front door!